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Do you have your smile care kit ready for your summer traveling adventures? If not, that’s OK because our team is happy to help you! Travel season is upon us, and with it, fun adventures await with a flow of pictures.

Our dentistss, Dr. Dean Robinson and Dr. Scott Robinson, hope you have a fun and safe summer season. Furthermore, our team in Provo, Utah, also wishes to remind you to remember your oral health care and keep your smile healthy as you travel.

Here are some items you should pack in your smile care kit:

– Toothbrush: Make sure you have a clean toothbrush and shielding cover, so it’s doesn’t get dirty or damaged in your bags.
– Travel-size mouthwash: Mouthwash is fantastic to clear bacteria from your smile as you travel.
– Toothpaste: Apply a toothpaste with cavity-fighting ingredients. You can apply if you wish an extra toothpaste with teeth-whitening abilities.
– Sugar-free gum: Sugarless gum boosts salvia, which clears away bacteria and plaque from your smile. It can also work to protect your teeth between meals and keep your smile clean.
– Dental floss: Dental floss is perfect to use, including flossing picks for traveling purposes.

If you have questions about your oral health or would like a dental checkup before you go, please call us today at 801-375-3388 to make an appointment. Our team at Plum Tree Family Dental is happy to find a time that works for you and give your oral health a checkup.