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The drinks you enjoy regularly may be either causing harm to your smile or helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Do you know which drinks are good for dental health and which ones can cause tooth problems? If not, we invite you to learn more about how popular drinks affect your teeth.

Milk offers many benefits for dental health, the most well known being the role of calcium in providing greater strength for teeth. Beyond the help of calcium, milk lowers the risk of cavities by working against the bacteria, sugar, and acids that can weaken your smile.

Water can also greatly aid your dental health in many of the same ways as milk, though many water sources also contain fluoride, a mineral that helps to strengthen and restore the teeth enamel.

Third, unsweetened tea discourages plaque from forming, wards off bacteria, and can improve periodontal health. However, if you like to add sweeteners, you are missing out on these benefits.

Coffee is one of the many beverages that can stain your teeth, though you can limit tooth stains by adding milk. Red wine also causes tooth stains, but at the same time can reduce the likelihood of gum disease. Sodas are never good for your smile because they contain acids that weaken tooth enamel, promote tooth decay, and create pores in the teeth that allow stains.

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