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If you receive a hard blow to your face that results in a cracked tooth, the damage that results from it can be quite severe. For example, a broken tooth or a tooth with a compromised root may require our dentist to fully extract the tooth and replace it with a dental bridge.

A dental bridge is a dental appliance designed to mimic the appearance of the original tooth, and it fuses to a pair of custom-made dental crowns on either end of the space in your smile so that the dental bridge can anchor to the abutments we will form out of these neighboring teeth.

To form the abutments, our skilled dentist removes the tooth enamel layers. Then, we form a detailed impression of the teeth in your bite pattern, including the abutments, so that our dental lab can create your new dental bridge. Then, we cover the abutments with temporary crowns of hard plastic to provide protection while the lab technicians create the final dental bridge.

Following the completion of your bridge, our dental team will welcome you back for a second appointment to have the temporary crowns removed and replaced with the cementing of your new bridge.

If you have suffered a cracked tooth and would like to consider receiving a dental bridge in Provo, Utah, call 801-375-3388 and schedule your consultation at Plum Tree Family Dental with Drs. Robinson and Robinson.