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The development of a cavity may require you to have a dental filling placed to repair the tooth. While dental fillings are designed to be long-lasting and are hardened and cemented to your tooth to stay for several years, they can weaken over time and eventually fail as the dental adhesive and tooth enamel are invaded by the bacteria in your mouth.

Our team can help you recognize the symptoms of a failing dental filling so that you can receive early and conservative treatment.

The feeling of sharp tooth pain when the tooth that has the filling is used to bite or chew may be a result of a weakened filling. You may also notice that the texture of the dental filling has changed. We encourage you to look out for any graying color around the filling, which could occur when the seam where the filling meets the tooth enamel is invaded by bacteria. If your tooth develops new tooth decay, the bacteria could reach the inner structure and cause your filling to come loose and fall out.

Depending on which treatment is optimal for your dental filling, you may need to have a larger dental filling placed, which will require some removal of tooth enamel. A dental crown may be the best possible treatment if there is tooth decay, but if the decay has reached the pulp and tooth root, root canal therapy could be necessary to remove decayed material before the crown is placed.

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